WIP Ice Cream Truck


There he is in all it's clay and wireframe glory: The Ice Cream Truck! :)

Next up some decent UV mapping and texturing.

Look what Santa brought me!


This Christmas Santa has brought me a lot of books. You can never have too many in my humble opinion. :) I’ll be posting a short review of each of them once I’ve finished reading.

Light for Visual artists by Richard Yot. 

My first steps in Nuke


While I was working on 'La Mécanique du cœur’ at Walking The Dog I befriended some really nice compositors. Since I have a background in Graphic Design they convinced me that maybe compositing would be right up my alley. I have to admit some compositing skills would definitely benefit my shots. So I decided to give it a go, got myself a subscription at Digital Tutors et voila. My first attempt :)

We don't discriminate ;)

Futurama's Bender in Super Sculpey WIP


Proudly presenting the newly created mascots for the internal BP safety campaign.

The design is based on a safety relief valve (a type of valve used to control or limit the pressure in a system or vessel) This is a very well-known part for everyone working there.

New Wreck-It Ralph trailer looks awesome again

So looking forward to see this movie :)

Some inspiration :)

Counting down to an awesome trip!

11 more days to go before I’m leaving to San Francisco. Can hardly wait! ;) I’m totally looking forward to finally meet everyone from Animation Mentor. It will be my first time in the US and I’m planning on making it memorable. 23 days of pure freedom: ow yeah! :)

I created an additional blog for the trip so my family and friends can see where exactly I will be going. http://nelesimons.travellerspoint.com/

Alright I confess, I failed.


I’ll be honest, after graduating at Animation Mentor and going on a nice long holiday I felt a little lost coming back home. You want to start animating again but you feel it has to be the perfect shot, and of course you’re not just starting on a simple 2 or 3 second shot. Nope, let’s go crazy and try 11 second club with 2 characters! Awesome idea!

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